Black Friday! Start shopping for the (Buddy) Holly-days!

Here we are at Black Friday, the day where shopping rises above all!

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make it about Buddy Holly. In fact, we not only should, but can quite easily! Let us visit the heavenly realm of eBay and other fine Buddy-friendly online retailers to see what’s ripe for our pickin’.

Before we embark, however, if I had found anyone a couple of weeks ago who would like to have relieved me of a kidney for $3,073.23 cash (or PayPal—I’m not a savage), I would now be the owner of this apotheosis of Buddy Holly & The Crickets swag:

Maybe one kidney and another vital organ of your choice. Work with me here.

Of course, I would also be freshly divorced and living under a bridge, but I would have a plastic sheet protector for this, so on the whole, I’d call it a win.

For the nonce, however, let’s look at some less-heady but still extremely cool items to buy for that Lubbock troubadour’s fan in your life. (It’s you, isn’t it? Don’t worry—I’ll keep it our little secret.)

Collectible records

EPs in honor of Buddy’s 50th birthday

First up, we have some rare vinyl celebrating the 50th anniversary of the birth of one Charles Hardin Holley. One large and one small EP with bids starting at $100. As of this writing, no one has yet bid, so you can get both for the Buy It Now price of $150. Not too shabby for something produced and pressed long after his death.

Also, the seller says, “If you’re looking for ANYTHING else Buddy Holly, ask, I just may have it …” If that doesn’t pique your interest, you really must be shopping for a friend!

A really lucky friend.

An original 1957 45 of Buddy’s earliest hits in original cardboard sleeve

If you’re looking for something Buddy himself might have seen fans buying, this original vinyl 45 not only shows him in his terrible-but-somehow-also-wonderful “Texas suit,” but it also includes “That’ll Be the Day” (of course), “You Are My One Desire,” “Blue Days, Black Nights,” and “Ting-A-Ling.” Not that you’d ever want to put an almost-$550 (with 25 days left on the bidding!) piece of irreplaceable Buddy Holly history on your turntable, of course.

Well, maybe just once.

Twice-signed original 45 with sleeve of “Not Fade Away”

Memorial albums are special and some (as above) on the rare side. Owning an original record pressed during Buddy’s lifetime is to possess rare and a unique link to the man and his music. But when it comes to putting something under the tree—or, to be safe, placing it on a closet shelf in a metal case lined with custom-cut foam and locking that closet—anything autographed by Buddy Holly himself, especially a record, is the sine qua non.

For this item, we visit, which seems the Southeby’s of the Internet (eBay being more of a crazy Cairo market for those looking for hidden gems at a bargain). It is an original 45 pressing with the original paper sleeve, both of which have been signed by our favorite bespectacled rock ’n’ roller.

As you probably know, this was the B-side of the 45 of “Oh, Boy!” Nothing short of incredible, the songs Buddy and his Crickets produced every time.

Whoever buys it, please email me with which closet you secure it in. So I can, um … help guard it. Yessss, guard it, that’s it. It’s currently on iOffer for $2,299 (or best offer).

But free shipping, so think of the savings right there.

Presents to get them reminiscing … less expensively

Having your own direct connection to Buddy, J.I., Joe B., Niki, Sonny, Bob, Waylon, Tommy, Carl, Ritchie, or Jape is impossible to top. However, most of us are just poor young boys (and girls) and these high-priced gems ’bout to drive us wild, so let’s take a look at some more-moderately priced but very fun gifts for anyone who loves these fellas.

Buddy Holly & The Crickets cell phone cases

Show your Cricket pride wherever you go. These cases are snazzy indeed, and Amazon lists them for almost unbelievably cheap. (One is $1.11, for example.) There is a cool, jazzy, color one, but it is of Buddy Holly tribute artist John Mueller—a really wonderful person who I am proud to call a friend, but not actually Buddy. (It is a cool phone case, though.)

The color one is just for iPhone 7. (Orrrrrr you could make one yourself at the Walmart Photo Center for any phone you like.)


Fender Stratocaster guitar replica

Buddy Holly’s Fender Stratocaster is almost as legendary as the man himself. Not everyone can afford the model of guitar that Buddy borrowed $10,000 from his brother in part to buy, and not everybody even can play the guitar, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to have a memento of the guitar. This is where this awesome mini replica is perfect—just $24.95 on eBay, it’s the perfect little something to show you appreciate the recipient’s excellent taste in music.

It would be even cooler if it came with a little Niki Sullivan to work the vibrato arm.

Gifts from The Buddy Holly Center

If you’ve never been to Lubbock and visited The Buddy Holly Center, you should plan to get there as soon as you want to be deliriously happy. And their beautiful gift shop—which has, y’know, no big deal, a signed electric guitar from Sir Paul McCartney hanging on the wall—sells all of its offerings online as well.

As a bit of a balm to those who haven’t been to the BHC yet, this is Sir Paul’s guitar. (And no, it’s not for sale. But ehrmagerd is it cool.)

The Center offers shirts, hats, even onesies with “Maybe Baby” on them. They sell collectibles of all kinds. Posters, bumper stickers, cool pens and pencils with Buddy’s unmistakable signature on them, lots of amazing stuff for the BH-obsessed members of your social circle.

This is just the stuff I could fit in one image.

For the real devotee of Our Man from Lubbock, however, the best affordable gift of all may be a membership to The Buddy Holly Center. It’s just $50 for an individual and $75 for a Holly-lovin’ couple, plus many other combinations.

The best thing about a membership, other than the bragging rights it earns for the bearer, is that it supports the mission of the Center, which is not only to keep Buddy’s memory alive and his artifacts protected and on display but also to promote the arts in Lubbock and all of West Texas. One can truly say that that is what Buddy would have wanted.

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